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Yes! We are partnered with a number of Australian companies and local suppliers. All of which supply a wide range of quality Bluescope steel products and accessories. Rest assured under your new roof knowing that all Bluescope steel products come with a warranty.
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We proudly use Colorbond and Zincalume coated Australian Bluescope steel products. You can choose from 22 iconic Colorbond colours from the recently refreshed palette. Or you can choose Zincalume protective coated Bluescope steel for a shiny metal grey look.


CLICK HERE to download the Colorbond colour chart in pdf form.

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Every metal roofing colour has its own solar absorption and solar reflectance score. Solar absorption is the heat that is retained on a metal roof depending on what colour it is. Typically, lighter colours will retain much less heat than darker colours. For example, Colorbond dover white has a solar absorbance rating of 0.28 where Colorbond night sky has a solar absorbance rating of 0.95. Solar reflectance is the amount of glare or sunlight that reflects off the roof. Every Colorbond colour has been tested for its solar absorption and
solar reflectance.


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As part of work health and safety requirements, Safety rail must be installed on all roof restorations and new builds to ensure the safety of our crews, customers and other suppliers. The rail acts as a barrier and assists with enhancing our other safety practices. in cases where a building is high set or the roof pitch is higher than usual, scaffolding and/or other falls arrest and EWP systems will be required. Safety is our number one priority.

on a case-by-case basis rubiks will request replacement with a different profile to comply with current standards. information on these standards can be provided upon request. The new Australian standards / metal roofing guidelines require the following:


– roofs with a pitch ranging from 2-4 degrees require a profile equivalent to Trimdek sheeting

– roofs with a pitch equal to 1 degree require a higher profile such as an equivalent to Kliplok sheeting

Rubiks Roofing has three available insulation options – Bradfords sarking & Anticon, and Solairforces Aircel. 


CLICK HERE to download our pdf about Insulation data.

All three insulation options have different quality and R ratings. The R (Reflectance rating) is how resistant the insulation product is to heat. The higher the R rating, the better the product is at insulating your roof.


– sarking (Bradford Thermoseal Resiwrap) is our insulative foil option, standard for most Queensland roofs and a minimum requirement for insurance work.


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– Anticon (Bradford Anticon glass wool blanket) is our middle range insulation product, providing acoustic, condensation, and heat transfer resistance. There are many more Anticon insulation options with different R ratings.


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– Aircel (Solairforces f-4 range) is our highest quality available insulation product. Lightweight, and coming with a foam, and a bubble option.


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With every project we work on, one of our highest priorities is our focus on the safety of our crew, clients, and anyone else involved in the project. Safety precautions such as safety rail, harnesses, scaffolding, bollards, and more are considered and implemented with every project. Backed with our crews site safety certifications and training on appropriately transporting / carrying materials.


Regardless of these precautions, accidents do happen. In the event of any minor accident, whether it involves dropping a piece of material causing a near miss, or slipping and damaging the ceiling inside the roof cavity, our rectification and safety ticket processes will swiftly kick in to record the incident and schedule repairs. 

At Rubiks Roofing, we pride ourselves in our established supplier relationships which have been maintained for many years, building connections with Bluescope suppliers all over Queensland’s South East and Central Coast. Residential and small to medium commercial roof orders, once received by our supplier, are usually delivered within 48 hours and large commercial orders within 3-5 days.*

*delays of 2-3 days may occur for projects located outside of South-east Queensland and Central Coast Queensland regions and for complex flashing orders e.g. box gutter systems

Our director and supervisors hold many years of experience and Australian standards roof installation code knowledge. When inspecting a potential project, we always keep an eye out for any roof elements that may fall out of the QBCC Codelines. If anything non-compliant is discovered, our team works hard to plan for and come up with a solution that is cost-effective for the client, while also bringing their roof back to code.


Common elements of metal roofs that are non-compliant and will require upgrades include:


– Base metal thickness (BMT) of roof sheeting where the pitch or structural elements require a specific roof profile

– lack of waterproofing flashings and/or proper methods of sealing roof penetrations

– Bi-Metal corrosion, when two dissimilar metals cause corrosion (in most cases galvanised metal which reads to Bluescope Steel)


QBCC advice
The Queensland Building & Construction Commission offers all kinds of advice and services, whether your after residential home warranty insurance, have a query about compliant work practices, or your a contractor looking to expand your licence, feel free to visit the qbcc website for access to this information.


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Many of our clients in the past have had this issue – where leaves and debris from surrounding overhead trees block their downpipes and cause water to ingress back into the ceiling cavity from the gutters. Apart from the obvious clearing of these trees, and frequent gutter and downpipe cleaning, we recommend enquiring about one of our star gutter mesh products for your roof restoration.

Blue Mountain Co provides high quality gutter mesh that will protect your home from bushfires and blocked gutters which could both lead to serious damage.

Please contact us for more information, quotes, or to have a sample delivered to you.

Rubiks Roofing offers a streamlined process from initial contact to project handover. Below is an example of the process involving a roof restoration for a residential client.

1. Initial contact between the client and Rubiks Roofing where a quote is requested. Our team will liaise with the client and our crew to schedule an attendance to inspect your roof and formulate a quote within five business days

2. Upon acceptance of our online accessible quote, after any questions or concerns are taken care of, the team at Rubiks Roofing will prepare a Master Builder approved residential works contract as well as launching building certification and preparing QBCC home warranty.

From there, we will schedule a meeting between the client and a Rubiks Roofing representative to discuss the contract and the clients choice of Colorbond colours or Zincalume.

If the client lives remotely, we can post or email these documents through and schedule a phone meeting.

3. Once the Master Builder contract is signed and returned with the clients choice of roof colour, one of our knowledgeable supervisors will attend to take measurements and place material orders. During this time, site safety will be considered, and an exclusion zone will be set up with signage and bunting.

4. Materials will usually arrive within 48 hours of placing orders, and in the meantime a crew will attend to install safety rail where required.

Under special circumstances, scaffolding and/or EWPS will be provided and scheduled for installation.

5. A Rubiks Roofing crew will attend once again to undertake the roof replacement. Assigned supervisors will ensure that safety and appropriate roof installation procedures are complied with at all times.

6. Upon project completion, all new roof areas will be inspected for correct installation and (if any) rectifications undertaken. For additional peace of mind, the client may opt for an independent roof auditor inspection (additional fees apply).

7. After all completion inspections, safety rail will be dismantled, all scrap materials disposed of, and signage and bunting removed.

Where required, building forms will be issued and building certifiers will issue their certification.

The client has continued access to call Rubiks Roofing at any time with any questions or concerns they may have.
From our initial point of contact to checking in after your project is complete, Rubiks Roofing is here to help you at any time before, during, or after your project. Additionally, an out-of-hours contact number is provided to our clients upon project commencement.

Our crews are aware of the importance of a spotless site clean every afternoon to ensure the safety of the client and trades, as well as keeping the site professional and presentable at all times during the project.

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