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Take care of your roof…

Your property is your largest investment, it is important to take care of it in every way possible. Most property owners never give their roof a second through until problems arise, and by then it may have incurred irreversible damage which can be an expensive loss. If you take care of your roof it will take care of you and your belongings.


Our tips:

1.Clean off debris:

Debris can hold water and causes weakening. It collects behind all penetrations, like pipes, the chimney and skylights, as well as in valleys where roof sections meet at an angle.

2. Flashing:

Inspecting the flashings to assess if they are still solid and not deteriorating.

3. Gutters:

Clean, inspect and secure the gutters. Have them replaced if they are deteriorating or have holes in them.

4. Trees:

Prune any tree branches that touching or hang over the roof. This keeps them from rubbing on it which will preserve the integrity of the sheet metal, but also keeps anything from climbing on to the house.

5. Storms


If your area was affected by storms, ensure you call a roofing contractor after a hail storm to inspect the integrity of the roof.

Contact us:


If you have any concerns over your roof, hire a roofing contractor.

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