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Your gutters are a very important part of your home’s wellbeing: when it rains they stop water from flowing out onto your roof and soaking into the shingles. Adding new items, such as gutter guards, to your gutter system can also be extremely beneficial to the longevity of your roof and gutter system. Leaf guards, add-ons, and upgrades can help your gutters work more efficiently.


Rain Chains

A Japanese practise that started hundreds of years ago, rain chains are not only attractive and pleasant to overhear, but also practical. Rain chains lead rain water down to the ground, the rain chains create a beautiful water show as the water falls through brass cups  or flows through sets of chains, instead using a standard downpipe. At their most simple, rain chains consist of a strand of traditional chains or large loops but can also incorporate a touch of whimsy with cups or beautiful funnels in the shape of things like flowers, umbrellas or tea cups. Materials used to make the rain chains can vairy depending out ones desired look from copper to stainless steel some rain chains are even made from bamboo.

Watch this short clip for a few Rain Chain ideas.

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